Heol Emrys and Tudno Place, Swansea


A detailed Utility and Drainage Survey was required for a large housing estate project.

The client needed an accurate and timely utility survey in order to plan the layout of any new utilities that may be needed. The drainage system of the site was of critical importance as there was a potential to re-use it if it was to a good enough quality to pass current building regulations.



The sheer size of the site (6 Ha) coupled with the required deadline posed some issues that had to be overcome. The entirety of the site was very dense with utilities which added to the amount of work required and added another challenge.


In order to overcome these challenges Landmark and SML Group utilised our multi-disciplinary group and were able to have multiple teams working together effectively.



Works were completed within the specified timescales in a safe and successful way. Electro-Magnetic Location (EML) was the primary method used for utility detection, alongside ground penetrating radar (GPR) for non-conductive utilities as well as surface inspection of manholes. In critical areas, Sonde location was used to ensure the accurate location of the critical sewer apparatus.



  • Fully layered and annotated 2D/3D AutoCAD DWG
  • PDF
  • Drainage report of manhole condition