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Land Surveys

All our surveys are carried out using experienced Land Surveyors and we can provide fixed fee quotations

Our Surveys

At Ratcliff Land Surveys we have carried out thousands of Land Surveys of differing specifications, from basic flood risk surveys detailing boundaries and spot levels to very complex city centre mapping of buildings, roads and pathways. We are able to provide you with a fixed fee quotation based on your requirements to make your project as cost effective as possible.

All our surveys are carried out using experienced land surveyors and Leica Robotic total stations, with the option of the survey being on OS Grid (Ordnance Survey Grid) or Local Grid.

Topographic Surveys

We specialise in providing high quality surveys, prepared to client tailored specifications.

At Ratcliff Land Surveys, we pride ourselves in the production of high quality topographic surveys carried out to our client’s requirements within a pre-agreed time frame.

A topographic survey is the measurement of natural and/or manmade features and their spatial relationships. The amount of details that we include in a survey will depend on our client’s requirements. Sometimes our clients will provide their own specification, otherwise we will produce a specification for client approval based on conversations with the client, what the land is to be used for, knowledge of the site and/or based on our historical knowledge of our clients needs.

We use survey instruments manufactured by Leica Geosystems of Switzerland. Survey control (the 3 dimensional grid that a survey is based on) is usually established with survey grade GPS. The raw satellite data is corrected using Leica’s Smartnet System, which gives us accuracies in the order of 10mm for position and 20mm for height. Depending on the specification, required accuracies and satellite visibility (dependant on the absence of large trees and tall buildings), we will then carry out the detail survey using either the GPS and/ or total Station.

Once the collection of survey data is complete, it is then processed and subjected to rigorous checking. When satisfied that we have clean data, we construct a CAD drawing. This drawing is then thoroughly edited with considerable care taken to create a drawing that contains the maximum amount of information conveyed in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Measured building Surveys

Measured building plans for conversion and renovation projects, space management purposes and lease plans.

We can provide highly accurate measured building surveys, which features varying levels of detail subject to client requirements. We often provide building elevations and cross sections in conjunction with a floor plan survey. The level of details surveyed is determined by our client and varies from minimal/basic layout details, to comprehensive architectural features.

We carry out a variety of different measured building surveys for clients all across the UK. Our surveys are used for space management tasks, renovation plans, planning permission plans, lease plan applications and other architectural purposes. Some of our previous measured building surveys include; high security prisons, schools, industrial factories and offices, steel frame buildings, commercial premises, clubhouses, restaurants and domestic homes.

We carry out many of our internal measured building surveys using a combination of instruments, usually a hand held laser measuring device that connects to a PDA via Bluetooth and a tape. Occasionally we may combine this with the use of a Total Station. Our Total Stations are usually used to measure a building elevation. Recent projects involving the use of a Leica Scan Station have proved advantageous and provides us with a highly detailed and accurate elevation.

Boundary Surveys

We have carried out boundary dispute surveys and reports for many years. The occasional case has resulted in court appearance.

We can act alone, or with the direction of your solicitor. A survey is going to be required in the first place to see the problem and thus guide you to making a rational decision.

We advise you to look at the documents from the Land Registry linked below.

Public Guide 3: A general guide to Land Registry Boundary information.

Public Guide 19: More specific information about that Title Deed and its limitations.

Other Surveys

We also have expertise in carrying out a wide range of other surveys:

  • Measured steel frame surveys
  • GIA and NIA Surveys
  • As built site surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • GPS surveys
  • River and Lake Surveys
  • Drainage adoption surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Lease plan surveys
  • Building Elevations
  • Field area surveys
  • Building floor plans
  • Flood risk surveys

Why Choose Ratcliff Land Surveys?

Experienced Surveyors

All of our surveys are carried out by experienced land surveyors and we can offer competitive UK coverage.

Fixed Fee Quotations

We can offer fixed fee quotes to make your project as cost effective as possible.

Complete Surveying Service

We can offer fixed fee quotes to make your project as cost effective as possible.

Friendly & Professional Service

We listen to our clients requirements and offer advice to ensure our clients needs are met in the most professional way.